The Speed of Thinking
Thinking of Beirut

Before Tally Saves the Internet, we launched our first game The Speed of Thinking.  It’s a simple game where you stack shipping containers onto a cargo ship (sort of like Tetris meets Jenga). It’s strangely meditative in the way that endless shopping online can be for some people, but it’s a game that you can … continue reading

The Speed of Thinking, Drexel University
The Speed of Thinking Panel, Drexel University, Philadelphia

The Speed of Thinking Panel Discussion Wednesday, February 13, 2019 6:00 PM-7:00 PM Join us for a panel discussion during the opening reception of Speed of Thinking. Featuring the artist Joelle Dietrick and panelists Frank Lee, Director of the Entrepreneurial Game Studio, Drexel University, who works on large-scale public games, Daniel Aldana Cohen, Assistant Professor … continue reading

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