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Exhibition photo at the Shirley Project Space in Brooklyn

Three and a half years since our last blog post about Tally, and people are still signing up and playing the game. In the meantime, Owen and I have tucked away to work on individual projects that inevitably develop into collaborations.
Chasing the Sun is one of those bodies of work. Pictured above is from my exhibition in Brooklyn last fall at The Shirley Project Space (thanks again Sarah May). Up from September 22 to November 17, 2023, the exhibition consisted of wallpaper, prints, and animations. Revising my Sherwin Series’ process in Flash (yes Flash), I asked Owen to develop this svg-randomizer to pull from my 154 images of extinct plants and eco-friendly homes made by women architects. 6 images (3 plants and 3 homes) from 24 time zones to get the 154. Then Owen wrote code to randomly place and animate these svgs in the game engine Unity. I then exported them as mp4s and collaged them into stripes resembling a UTC world map like this one. In the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology at Virginia Tech this April, we’ll test a live generative version with the 24 divisions created directly in Unity.

Below is an early version of the video installation at York College of PA from January 20 to February 25, 2023 (thanks Matthew Clay-Robinson). The plan is to show the video installation in the Cube at Virginia Tech this fall and then at the European Cultural Centre during the Venice Architecture Biennale May–November 2025.

Video installation at York College of PA

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