Sneakaway Studio makes art and technology in Davidson, North Carolina.

Our work


Photo editing and selfie app from the heart of Australia

A collaboration with Gretta Louw and the Warnayaka Art Centre in Lajamanu, Australia, Mirawarri adds an original perspective to selfie apps. Featuring paintings and photographs from artists in central Australia, this work promotes aspects of Aboriginal culture, while expanding possibilities for users bored with the sugar-coated photo apps coming out of Silicon Valley.

Available now on the App Store and Google Play.

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Tally Game


Gamifying data tracking

Tally is a web-based game, and the female protagonist, that identifies hidden data-tracking in web browsers, and transforms the data advertisers collect into a competitive multiplayer experience where marketing categories are personified as animated monsters. A collaboration between Sneakaway Studio, Gretta Louw, and students at Davidson College.

Currently in production.

Reducing Uncertainty

Reducing Uncertainty

Reducing the Margin of Error in the American Community Survey

A website and interactive visualization that presents annual census data from 388 metropolitan statistical areas. The visualization shows the ACS estimates as well as the reduction in the margin of error before and after a process called regionalization.

I Know Where Your Cat Lives

I Know Where Your Cat Lives

Mapping public photos of cats using their metadata

A data visualization that locates seven million public images of cats on a world map by the latitude and longitude coordinates user unknowingly uploaded in their metadata.