Chasing the Sun

Remixed imagery of extinct plants and eco-friendly homes

Chasing the Sun is a series of prints, wallpaper, and animations that stretch across three screens. Each screen of the video installation is divided into eight vertical sections—24 vertical stripes for the 24 time zones. Within each stripe, remnants of extinct plants and eco-friendly homes designed by women architects drift while colors shift according to the time at each represented location. The results are slow-moving and meditative, providing a space for audiences across cultures and ages to process climate grief within the context of new understandings of geological time.

The series of prints remix the imagery from the animations, and one flowering plant, the Hibiscadelphus woodii, endemic to Kauai, Hawaii is made larger than life as wallpaper. Once thought to be extinct, Hibiscadelphus woodii, or Wood's hau kuahiwi, was rediscovered in 2019 by a drone where it was growing out of steep, vertical face of a cliff.

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Chasing the Sun (24 UTC). 2023. Video (color, no sound). 3820 x 2160 px. 5:00.
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